Saturday, June 27, 2009

The farthest Northwest Point of the United States

Well, we made it together and separately. I only rode in the rain for about 30 minutes and when we found our campsite the sun came out. What are the chances?? We decided to go to the farthest point of Washington (Cape Flattery). Of course when we got there it was on the Makah Indian Reservation with a sign posted that you must have a permit to use the recreational sites. But we figured since it was late already, nothing was open and we were just going to drive to the peak, it might be ok. Seeing as it was pretty important to me to do this since I have come this far. I really needed to know that I reached the end point. Too close to turn around. When we reached the end of the road there was a trail going to a cliff, I am assuming, and I wanted to hang from it like a monkey. The trail was only a mile long and it technically doesn't get dark until 10 o'clock in the northwest, we decided with 30 minutes of light left we would run down this trail. I had the only headlight, we left Amber's at the campsite, so, halfway down the trail it got a little shifty in the dark under the trees, alone, and semi raining we turned around and ran back. I laughed, but really wanted to cry that we didn't do it. So here's a pic of me on the tip but not really, after running back up that hill. There's no point in really being disappointed, I've done and seen so much already. However, for my friends that are Twilight fans, although I didn't get to Forks, I went to Port Angeles and we just know... we saw Edward flying in the air. Couldn't catch him though. The story of my life. xo 

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GingerEvans said...

Where are you friend? Opening a new shop? I need help w/hair....
I've looked everywhere and finally found this wonderful story and your blog.
Hope all is well